Surya is a second year at Brown Alpert Medical School, pursuing both his MD and Masters in Population Medicine. Before medical school, he grew up in Bellingham, MA and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2015, with a major in Neurobiology and minor in Global Poverty and Practice. His research at Berkeley studied the relationship between sleep, anxiety, and gender. After undergrad, he worked for a mental health/tech startup in San Francisco named Joyable, working with individuals struggling with social anxiety. Aside from working with hundreds of people and navigating their stories and struggles, this is also where Surya learned about the power of design and its intricate role in social spread. Inspired by the critical lens he gained from his minor as well – drawing him to issues of social and systemic inequity – Surya hopes to continue merging his interests of design and health to expand access and enact real change for our most underserved.