9.10.18 Immersion and Introductions

The first class of the semester kicked off with a foray into the world of industrial design by Ximedica designer Tom Lutzow! Students worked in groups to understand patient primary care experiences before, during, and after a medical encounter. From there, they were able to mindmap and create a series of solutions from opportunity areas identified by the group. We look forward to seeing what students uncover as they begin to conduct research within their specialty tracks in Emergency Medicine, Neonatal Intensive Care, Surgery, and Dermatology!

9.17.18 Visual Thinking and Storytelling

This week students were exposed to rapid visualization and ideation techniques with a workshop facilitated by industrial designer Michael Park from Ximedica. Specialty track research is under way and students are starting to venture out into various clinical spaces at Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, and Hasbro Children’s Hospital!

9.24.18 Healthcare Innovation

This week week students learned about healthcare innovation and the state of the industry. Featured speaker was Aidan Petrie. In addition, students had the opportunity to work on redesigning the hospital gown!

10.1.18 Design Thinking and Design Research

Elizabeth Roche, Director of Research and Strategy at Ximedica, gave a talk about empathy, Design thinking and core qualitative research methods. The second part of the class consisted of student presentations of what they have noticed so far in their clinical spaces and avenues for future investigation.